“Shani is very professional and takes pride in her work. She is a responder and personally takes time out to connect and communicate with her audience. Consistency and hard work is what makes Shani an achiever.” January 23, 2013

Ty Causey, Singer/Songwriter/Entertainer

“Shani has always been a devoted voice to the independent artists. Using music as a conduit for our varying human experiences. Ms. Elliott brings awareness to artists that some may have never heard of without her. A leader in both her community and industry, Shani is a delight to work with that has a keen attention to detail, and respect for all that she comes in contact with.” August 14, 2012

Catalina Byrd, Host/Producer, On Point

“I have seen Shani in management as a Public Relations Coordinator, and as a manager of a singer. She is effective and professional at all times, with precise knowledge and PR expertise in communicating effectively and carrying out the tasks she sets out to accomplish. Her goals are never too high, and although she knows “people in high places” her temperament and level of humility is never compromised. She treats people the way she chooses to be treated and she always remains calm under pressure and in tight situations where deadlines and timeliness is a challenge for others. She promotes well and she also supports with all her heart. You can tell that Shani’s ability to maintain a professional posture and operate with poise is strong for her regarding her interpersonal skills. She deserves many thanks from a lot of people who are doing well today because of her.

I enjoyed working with Shani on the Brothers Who Can Cook project back in the Winter / Spring of 2011. I truly hope she received all that she deserved for all the work she put out in publicizing and marketing the event and even the host of the event, for she truly did a remarkable job and even maintained a friendly and professional presence at the event when there were challenges in other departments. One thing is for sure, the PR department definitely stood strong with this particular event because the place was flooding with participants and attendees that wouldn’t or couldn’t have known about Brothers Who Can Cook without Shani’s wonderful marketing efforts. She’s truly your best bet if you are looking for a REAL PR Manager to coordinate your events and projects and bring it to the mainstream of the community awareness, social media and radio / television.”  August 3, 2012

Tanisha McClellan Owner, of T.J.M Virtual Assistant & Web Services”

“If you want true representation as an artist, Shani Elliott is the one you would choose to make that happen. She is an exceptional writer that knows the importance of exposing the highlights of an artists carrier bringing out what makes them standout illuminatingly on their own. Nonetheless, her talents do not stop there. And if you need something entirely different then what she can offer, she knows exactly who to send your way. I have to close with some important characteristics that you will not hesitate to find in Shani Elliott: dedication, passion, thorough, detailed oriented, precise, intelligent, loyal and all around team player. I am honored to have her on my team.” July 2, 2012

Malinda Dawn, Founder/CEO, Links United delivered by Malinda Dawn

“Shani is most certainly one of my go to media persons to cover talented artists that come through Baltimore and DC. She has published articles on our artists in Heed, Muzilog, our blog The Soulcialista and other outlets.

I will continue to invite Shani to interact with artists we work with to make sure the area can get a great perspective on emerging and established talent.” February 5, 2012

Top qualities: Great Results, On Time, High Integrity

K. Daugherty, CEO/Senior Publicist at Soulcial Grind PR, CEO/Creative Director at Gypsy Soul Entertainment

“Shani is the consummate go-getter, and her love for the arts is crystal clear! I’ve had the pleasure of watching her go from working with mainly local acts to making her mark with household celebrity names. Our interaction has always been very positive and progressive, and I look forward to seeing where her life takes her in the NEAR future!” November 22, 2011

 KEViN MAX!M, Artist/Musician, 1117 MUSIC/KEV.O

“Shani is ultra professional. I had the pleasure of working with her on her radio show and I felt she was very well researched and prepared for our interaction. It was easy for me to relax and share what was really on my mind due to her fun personality. I look forward to partnering with her on future projects.” October 15, 2011

 Darrius Willrich, Recording Artist/Composer, Critical Sun LLC

“Shani is professional and courteous. She is a good point of contact when it comes to networking opportunities. She’s also a delightful host and detailed interviewer, when it comes to her radio show. Professionally she wears many hats and she handles them all quite well.”  September 7, 2011

Anonamas Sings, Singer/Songwriter, Samanona Music Publishing

“She is incredible writer, publicist and an all around great person. She is a hard working professional individual!” September 5, 2011

Singleton Newman, Freelance Talent Consultant, Marketing & Promotions, New Hope Management

“Shani Elliott is both dedicated and passionate about supporting and promoting independent artists. She gives all of herself in this task. Individuals like her are why independent music will always have a voice speaking on their behalf.” September 5, 2011

DeWayne Alston, President and CEO, Soul City Media Network LLC

“I enjoy networking with Shani in the entertainment industry. She is very knowledgeable and reliable. It’s because of her dedication and professionalism that encouraged me to get into the radio broadcast network. She is a true asset.” August 16, 2010

2Tru Radio Entertainment, Chairman and CEO, 2TruRadio Entertainment Inc.


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