African American Music Appreciation Month

African American Music Appreciation Month – Barry White

Barry White

Barry White began his career as a studio session musician in the 1960s.  White made his recording debut at the very young age of 11, playing piano on Jesse Belvin’s “Good Night My Love”, and recorded “Little Girl” at 16 with a group in LA named Upfronts.   White could be considered an “accidental” superstar, he recorded a demo with the intentions of finding a male group to record.  After Larry Nunes, Spiritual Advisor and good friend, heard the demo, he influenced White to re-record them himself.    In 1973 and 1974, White sold $16 Million in records as a vocalist, conductor and composer of instrumental records with Love Unlimited Orchestra, and the primary producer and songwriter for a female trio, Love Unlimited.  His track, “Love’s Theme” for the group sold over a million copies as a dance track and was used by ABC Sports for many years as the opening theme music for its golf coverage.

Barry White is known best for his deep baritone, and sexy soul music.  Over his career he has been awarded two Grammy Awards for 1999’s album and leading track, “Staying Power“,  106 gold and 41 platinum albums, 20 gold and ten platinum singles, with worldwide sales in excess of 100 million.  VH-1 Named Barry White #78 on their show, 100 Sexiest Artists.  White’s sensual love songs have been credited or setting the mood that produced many children in Generation X.

“There’s people making babies to my music. That’s nice.”  – Barry White

Check out the video of “Staying Power”  For more information, please visit the Facebook page.

White died of heart and kidney failure in 2003, however he was posthumously honored with a Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame in 2013.

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