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Album Review – Day of D’Nur (Drea D’Nur)


There are so many reasons why I’m digging Drea D’Nur’s project. I’ve only seen her video “Cry For Change” via Okay Player before listening to D’Nur’s project, which was a surreal tribute to young brothers who died from gun violence, But Drea’s newest album Day of D’Nur has confirmed her dopeness as an artist for me, hands down. There are a few artists that can capture my attention from the first song I play, albums are a bit more difficult to capture automatically. Day of D’Nur is like my musical Venus fly trap, not only did it capture my attention, but it sinker me into it’s incredible sounds and (unlike an actually fly) I was digging it to the fullest. This has to be one of the best albums I’ve came across reviewing for The Mellow Mix, and with all of the other dope artists that send in submissions for review, that says a lot.

From the first track “Beautiful”, it is evident that Drea D’Nur can sing. Her vocal patterns floats softly for a few lines before she comes in with powerful strength in her voice. Drea’s vocal talent can be evaluated as a hybrid of R&B talent, which means that even though she can sing on a smoother tone like softer singing artists in the game, don’t let that fool you into think that she can get loud. When this is in action, it’s really refreshing to the ears, and creates a more universal appeal to Drea’s voice.

Drea’s voice isn’t the only reason why Day of D’Nur is dope. The production behind each track is phenomenal. All of the songs are recorded with what seem to be a live band, but each song has its own style to make the album diverse. One of the standout songs is to prove this is “Butterfly”. The band such a good job creating a reggae beat that make a good relationship with Drea’s singing. Skip one song, and the vibe slows down for “The Way”, which gives a smooth poetic type of feel to listeners. The production of Day of D’Nur provides high quality music that could be competitive with major label quality.

Although the project ends a bit abruptly, Day of D’Nur is a magnificent project that provides a raw sound to R&B. There wasn’t’ any sound effects to go with these songs, no auto-tune, no electric bass. It’s only the band and Drea giving you good music, and that’s how it should be.

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