Girl Talk with Rich Hipster, Chrisette Michele @ChrisetteM

Chrisette Michele’s first album, “I Am” made its mark in 2007 with hits such as “If I Have My Way” and “Love Is You”. In 2009, “Be OK“, won the 2009 Grammy Award for Best Urban/Alternative Performance.


Her recent album, “Better” was released 2013, I wonder can Chrisette Michele get better?  Her voice is angelic and distinct; her lyrics grab you and become ingrained in your thoughts.  As wine, develops with time, Chrisette’s music has tastefully changed.  “Over the course of nine years, I have just become a different person, so I am writing different things and thinking different things.  The song that touches me the most right now is probably “Rich Hipster”  because that is a lifestyle that I am living, it’s just who I am right now.  It’s something that I am working on to show other people.  It’s (Rich Hipster) a web site that I have coming out, I just think that it defines who I am right now.”


Chrisette M 3Besides being a beautiful songstress, who is Chrisette Michele?    Will this website be a place for the Hipster’s worldwide?  What is her vision?  “Rich Hipster is two words I came up with while living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  I met so many people that are rich in their art and culture, and have rich hearts.  It’s a lot of philanthropy that I saw and so “rich hipster” is rich in art, rich in heart.  The song talks about those concepts and website magnifies it with documentaries, blogging, and different things I do around the world.”

The web site will feature columns and articles from people that Chrisette loves, like her best friend will be the beauty editor.   Chrisette’s fan base includes many painters.  The “Rich Hipster” web site will also feature fan art, painted on different textiles of apparel for sale. Shani and Chrisette1



Our interview preceded Chrisette’s marvelous  performance at the 15th Annual DC Love Fest.  I had seen a performance earlier in her career, but that evening I was blown away.  Chrisette’s powerful voice flowed effortlessly through her catalog.  From early classics to “Epiphany“, “Blame It On Me” to “A Couple of Forevers“, the fans hung on each note.  She engaged her captive audience with sincere conversation, and made them feel as I did during our interview, like old friends.


Chrisette Michele performs usually four nights per week. “The stage takes up about 4% of my life.  I’m just a regular woman.  I like everything you like, the beach, the amusement park.  I have been pretty vulnerable in this industry.  I have let a lot out, my music is really personal.  I think this next part is going to be me playing a bit, being a little sillier, and letting go because I have been very serious and open with my personal life.  So, this time I think I want to keep a little to myself and play a little bit.”

Chrisette M 2


Special thanks to Gypsy Soul & Soulcial Grind PR for granting access for the interview.

Photography by JW Photography.

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