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NEW MUSIC!!! Listen to Alex Isley’s EP, The Love/Art Memoirs @LoveAlexIsley

I am a big fan of The Isley Brothers’ music, I love singing their songs.  I love the unity that their family represents as they share their talent and build to legacy.  Not surprisingly, the talent flows through their genes to their children.  Alex Isley steps into the spotlight, continuing to spread their talent to a new generation.  She has released several free mixtapes, over the past few years.

A Isley - The Covers



Her mixtape, the Covers: vol. 1 she takes on Dwele’s “Weekend Love”, Frank Ocean’s “Thinkin Bout You”, Amy Winehouse’s “He Can Only Hold Her”,  and performs a catchy duet, “NotNoMore ii” with  Cocaine 80s.



Alex Isley’s sounds are classic, all that you would expect from one of soul’s leading families.  Check out her lyricism and vocal acrobatics on her EP,  “The Love/Art Memoirs” for a musical treat, just press play and relax. A Isley - Love Art Her voice is like a cool breeze on a warm night, refreshing it makes you stop, and take in every syllable, every note delivered.  Check out “Into Orbit”, a sensual ballad, Isley’s voice embraces the track, caresses the chords.

I would be willing to pull out the bank card and pay to download these tracks, but to make the songs even sweeter Alex Isley offers them as FREE DOWNLOAD!  If they are not in your collection, you can download your copies now!

A Isley - The Otherside

A Isley - Dreams

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