New Video!!! Carolyn Malachi – All Right @Carolyn_Malachi

I had the pleasure of meeting and working Carolyn Malachi in the early stages of her career in 2009. With her earlier cds, “Revenge of the Smart Chicks” and “Revenge of the Smart Chicks II: Ambitious Gods“, Malachi received international recognition. In 2011, she received a Grammy Nomination for her song, “Orion” from her EP “Lions, Fires & Squares ”.  I was not surprised, she told me in an interview in 2009 that her goal was the Grammy’s.  I believe she is heading back, her newest single, “All Right” from her latest album, “Gold is golden! “All Right” features violinist, Chelsey Green, of the group,  Chelsey Green and the Green Project and bassist, Kevin Powe Jr.  Enjoy the video!

Want to add Carolyn Malachi’s music to your collection, click on the links above to go to her music.  You can follow Carolyn Malachi on Twitter.

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