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I met “The Electric Lady” – The CD Listening Party for Janelle Monáe @JanelleMonae

Conceived in a dream, The Electric Lady found her silhouette drawn on Janelle Monáe‘s canvas during performances.   Janelle asked her questions during her dreams, “What do you think of love? Relationships? Politics, and religion?” In their personal midnight conversations, the Electric Lady replied. Janelle Monáe felt that she must share, but she did not only lend her soulful voice to do so, she called on a few friends. “Q.U.E.E.N” the first single from “The Electric Lady” features Erykah Badu. Have you seen the video??? Just in case you missed, we at The Mellow Mix believe that caring is sharing, so here you go:

Janelle Monáe called on her circle of musical influence, and Esperanza Spalding, Miguel, Solange Knowles, and other musical greats join in on creating the testimony of The Electric Lady. She takes on controversial topics such as sexism and lesbianism with a song that has a captivating beat forces you to rock along, whether you twerk or not. I had the opportunity to be a part of the cd listening party in DC, and I highly suggest that you add this to your collection. Another personal favorite was the duet with Miguel, “Prime Time“. A slow sensual ballad, it is made for candlelight, lovers and beds with or without covers. This night was different from my usual cd listening party, instead of having my camera ready, my hands were busy with serving Janelle Monae’s signature cocktail.  The crowd loved the cocktail, sponsored by Ciroc and since caring is sharing I have the recipe for you!   Electric Lady Cocktail “The Electric Lady” is scheduled for release on September 10th, but is available for pre-order on iTunes now! You can reserve your copy of Janelle Monáe’s latest release “The Electric Lady” and preview it here!

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