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Do You Perpetually Piss Off Your Woman? Sweeten the Salt with Larie’s Playlist

Larie has been a personal favorite since I interviewed him on “Indie Artist Spotlite” in 2010. Enjoy the post and the free mixtape!


larieHe goes by the name of Lariè and five seconds into his “Fallen” intro will have you thinking Gerald Levert, Luther Vandross, and Teddy Pendigrass combined spirits and reincarnated onto his playlist.  His work is unadulterated R&B, a product of music school study and pitch perfection.  Ladies, I swear you’ll walk around looking for a boyfriend that sings like this!  Lariè’s voice is so beautiful that the lyrics kind of get muted, well for me at least.

Like most of my unsigned artists, Lariè is a D.C. native so if you’re lucky enough you may catch him performing at a live music function in your area.  However, if you’re busy and don’t get out much then this download is a must.

Need to calm your nerves on those long, traffic-jammed rides to and from work…

Play him through your headphones to block out annoying family members…

Your old R&B records…

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