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New Video!!! Thurston Ray – Once Upon A Dream @thurstonray

Since October, The Mellow Mixhas had the wonderful opportunity to work with nearly 200 Indie Artists who were contestants in our “You Got Soul Contest“. One of these contestants was Thurston Ray.

Residing in Brooklyn, NY, Thurston is a bass baritone vocalist who blends groovy soul music, jazzy vocals, and messages about real life and love. His most recent album, “Becoming Thurston Ray: A Human Experience”, showcases his maturity as an artist, blending jazzy Soul and R&B sounds infused with catchy, sing-a-long hooks and bob-your-head bass lines.


Have you ever been in a perfect relationship to only wake up one day and realize it was no longer your paradise? I think Thurston may have as he sings, “it simply wasn’t meant to be…once upon a dream.

For more info about performances and upcoming events, check out and follow him on Twitter.

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