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New Video!!! Marcell Russell “Speak To Your Body” @MarcellsSoul

Marcell Russell has a message to share!  Who says that hot sex is for strangers caught up in lust for a moment?  “Speak To Your Body” is a very sensual video, but gives us a totally different outlook on a passionate relationship.  Check out the video yourself for the twists from today’s societal norms.  I had a chance to talk to Marcell Russell after he released “Baggage“.  He even invited The Mellow Mix Family to make cameos in his new video.  The filming was fun, but I am so excited to see the finished results after speaking to Marcell about his vision for this song.  Shout out to Keston DeCoteau of Keystone Productions  for making magic on film by bringing visions to life.

Get your free download of “Baggage” at and follow Marcell on twitter.  Stay tuned for the upcoming summer release of “The Serenade and The Sermon”!



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