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New Video!!! OYA @SpiritofOya – “Love”

Since October, The Mellow Mix has had the wonderful opportunity to work with nearly 100 Indie Artists who were contestants in our You Got Soul Contest.  One of these contestants was  Oya.  Oya’s song “Love” has been in rotation since the day it aired on our show.  Hailing from L.A., Oya’s love can be felt from coast to coast.

“To feel is such a great experience in and of itself, and to be able to do it with something I have inside me, from the depth of my spirit is like a wonderful sharing that I cannot put into words. A smile, applause singing along, someone saying how good I made them feel makes everything worthwhile. These experiences are gratifying to me as an artist and performer and because I know I am helping someone else connect to their emotions in a positive way. I always said I wanted to use my talents to see God’s great earth, and so I am.”  -Oya


The single “Love” is from Oya’s debut solo album,  Spirit of Oya. 

You can check out  Oya’s website and follow her on Twitter!


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