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For Any Day that ends with a “Y”- Interview with Bashiri Asad, “The Everyday Soul Singer”

Bashiri Asad

Creating to the soundtrack for life, Bashiri Asad is signed to Detroit label, SoundThought  Recordings headed by Inohs Sivad.  I refuse to believe that I am the only one who hears music in my mind as I progress through the day.  The writers for “Ally McBeal” often had scenes where she danced along the street to her own internal soundtrack.  There is a segment of the music industry that supplies songs to evoke emotions as you watch films and tv.  I decided to take a listen to Bashiri’s soundtrack during the interview, and inquired what song from his cd, “Living The Dream” was playing as we talked.  Right now, being totally transparent, the song for me is “Monster”.  It has to be “Monster” because with the way the world is right now, people can become products of their environment.  When products of their environment don’t raise their children, those who do raise their children become victims to negativity and violence.  It’s at the hands of someone who may not have been loved or might not have been taken care of in those formative years.  (In) the song “Monster”, there are some fictional parts, but is based on a true story about a child who fell through the cracks.  I dealt with that from afar watching someone elseIn watching this person go through what they are going through and trying to help the best that I can, that is the song that comes to mind.  Of course there is optimism, because I believe in people.” 

In an ideal world, where we could use life’s remote control to get to the good parts, Bashiri’s song from the cd for that scene of life would be “Looking Back”.  “Looking Back” is a feel good song, I love that tune.  I made that tune about my neighborhood, the spirit of community and what it was like growing up there.  We had the whole “Village Raise a Child” mentality in my neighborhood.  If you got in trouble, you got caught doing something you shouldn’t be doing, everyone knew about it.  Years later, when I got back from school, I was at the 7-11 in my neighborhood.  A kid bumped into me and told me to watch where I’m going.  I said, “Hey, you need to watch who you’re talking to!”  I talk about (how) times have changed and unity is a novelty.  Adults, we have to hold each other accountable and bring the spirit of community back.  It’s a happy tune, I had nothing but good memories there, from the good times to the times I got in trouble, because it helped shape me to the person  that I am today.”

So his is Bashiri Asad today?  He has been described as “The Everyday Soul Singer”.  I love my people.  I love making music that could possibly be a part of my people’s life soundtrack.  I feel that’s my calling, what I am here to do at this stage of my life.  I go through the same problems as everyone else, at the same time I hope I can show someone else that there is another way you can thrive.    I have my thoughts, my fears, my dreams, and my aspirations.  I’m an average cat who chronicles my life through song.  I enjoy being me, flaws and all.”  Bashiri loves his people and has strong family ties as a father, brother, and son. I was informed that B Loves the kids!”  He is the proud father of three beautiful little ones.


Check out Bashiri’s latest cd, “Living the Dream” on his web site.  Follow Bashiri on Twitter and enjoy his video for “Looking Back”! 


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