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The Mellow Mix January Podcast (First Installment)

New Year, New Things,  New Music!!!!

Here is our first installment of the “The Mellow Mix” Podcast!  If Saturday from 4-6 pm EST isn’t enough, here’s a free download that you can listen to anytime you like!

The January Mellow Mix Podcast features:

  1. The Floacist – Start Again (feat Raheem DeVaughn)
  2. Mahoganee – Black Butterfly  (Interview)
  3. Water Seed– Imagination
  4. Ife– Come
  5. Marcell Russell– Baggage  (Interview)
  6. Oya –  Love
  7. Cordula – Win or Lose (Remix)
  8. LB Muzac – Don’t Wanna Lose
  9. TwinSpirit – Naked
  10. Bashiri Asad– Beautiful (Interview)
  11. Winston Warrior– Elevator – TG Intimate Mix
  12. Nate Hall – Middle of the Night (And I Want Some…)
  13. Willie Taylor– Not Mine (ft. Dondria)
  14. JAIA – Played The Fool
  15. Rob Se7en – So Far Gone

Stay tuned for more interviews from the artists featured on the podcast!


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