From Fertile Ground- Navasha Daya Blossoms with “Rebirthed Above Ground”

Navasha Daya

Former front-woman and co-founder of Fertile Ground, Navasha Daya continues to blossom in her artistry with her first solo project, “Rebirthed Above Ground”.  An educator in music, Navasha’s main instrument is voice and second is piano.  She is a singer, songwriter and producer.  For her debut EP she produced her own tracks, which were then given to her band and  recorded live in the studio.    Navasha Daya developed the craft of singing a cappella by performing  “Sweet Honey in The Rock songs with her family as a young child.  At age 13, she began singing with her father’s reggae band, The Word.  In her early 20s, while attending Morgan State University, she co-founded the band Fertile Ground.  They released their first album in her senior year.  Fertile Ground released four albums which received international acclaim.  Recently, Navasha has  performed spot dates internationally to support her recent offering on Shuya Okino’s    “Destiny” album .  Her rendition of Rolls Royce’s “Still In Love” has done well on the charts in Japan.

On December 7, 2012, Navasha Daya released her debut solo EP,  “Rebirthed Above Ground”.   The first song on this EP is “Iwapele”.  There is a Yoruba proverb, “Good character is destiny.  Destiny is Good Character”.  Navasha shared her inspiration in writing the song,  Iwa Pele means “Gentle Character”.  It’s interesting because I was taught that word when I was like 16, it’s very much stressed in Yoruba tradition.  It has been called “Good Character”, but “good” is relative to everyone.  But when you say “gentle” people kind of have a tendency to understand what you mean.  So (with the song) “Iwa Pele”, the biggest influence is compassion.  My name “Daya” means “compassionate towards all beings” in Sanskrit, and I found out later in a Congolese language as well; That is how I live my life.  My parents named me that and made me focus on that part of myself. 

Compassion is not being a push-over and letting a person do anything they want.  It is a certain consciousness that you have when listening or when you’re interacting with others. You have a consciousness that is a little more selfless than the norm. More so thinking, “How can I be of service?”  (It’s) coming from a place of wanting the best for that person,  being a person that’s kind, and living from your heart.  When we relax and look at the gifts that we are born with and the beauty within ourselves, it allows us to have more patience and compassion.”

As a certified healer, I wondered does Navasha Daya give us melodic medicine in her music.  “My intention is to be used by Spirit to be a clear vessel.  There are lessons that I have learned, that I like to share through my music.  My intention is to be a performer that inspires the greatness in others.  To inspire you to see your reflection of  beauty, the goddess warrior, and a strong woman.  I want people to experience that they are being affirmed with my music.  I’m not haphazardly writing music.  If it’s something negative, I’m going to talk about a solution.  Or if my intention is to make it sad, it’s for a reason.  Your personality and self-development is reflected in your art.  So, for me, what people are seeing in my music and lyrics is really who I am as a person.”

An ordained inter-faith minister, Navasha Daya is a cultural and spiritual activist.  She advocates for the cultural and spiritual rights of others and challenges us to acknowledge that part of ourselves.

Navasha Daya- Rebirthed Above Ground

“Rebirthed Above Ground” is a 5 song EP that features live instrumentation.  My personal favorite wasSweet Kiss”.  The bass line first grabbed my attention.  This song sounds like it could be from another era before the world was a chaotic place where everyone and everything is rushed, where life was slow and tranquil.  This EP  is a prelude to a full length cd currently in production, which is slated to be released this summer. I’m interested to see what I give birth to next, because this is just the beginning.  This is my first solo album.  I love and enjoy singing, it changes my vibration and emotions.  The process of writing is so fun to me, I really enjoy the blessing of songwriting, it is a gift.  I appreciate the appreciation of my music. ”  Navasha Daya is currently performing spot dates to promote her debut solo EP,Rebirthed Above Ground“.


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