New Video!!! CROWN @TajhCrown – “WAY I FEEL” HD Featuring Rasheeda Ali (Flute) & Richelle Scales (Keys)

It was a pleasure to discover that CROWN  was one of our contestants for the “You Got Soul Contest“.  If you are not familiar with him by his new stage name, you may remember him from his childhood group with his three brothers, “The Boys”.  Under Motown Records the  multi-platinum group released several hits in the late 80s and early 90s such as Dial My Heart, Lucky Charm, and Crazy.  As the group matured into young men, they moved to the Western African state of Gambia.  They released new cds as “The Suns of Light”.

Tajh Abdulsamad, CROWN, is now grown and has been working independently on his own music since 2005.  Aside from being a vocalist, he is also a writer, arranger, producer, audio engineer, and label executive. CROWN has released four solo albums: Ancient Ways (2005), New Leap (2009), CROWN DELUXE Vol.1 “Love Notes” (2012), and CROWN DELUXE Vol. 2 “Alliances” (2012). Each release delivers a universal sound incorporating elements of Soul, Hip-Hop, Reggae/World, Dance and Pop elements blended with sweet melodies, and insightful lyrics.


CROWN’s third single from CROWN DELUXE Vol.1 “Love Notes”, “WAY I FEEL” is no exception.  Sensual and soulful, this song wraps you in a nice embrace.  This beautiful track features flautist Rasheeda Ali and Richelle Scales on keys, while CROWN sings about the drums, his heartbeat that is affected by the object of his affection.

You can check out CROWN’s cds at and follow him on CROWN on Twitter!


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