New Video!!! Green Tea – “Never Be the Blame” ft. Gods’Illa

Green Tea has been my guest on “Indie Artist Spotlite”  when she had released her cds, “Have A Cup Of Green Tea, Dosage I: Shades Of Green” and “Dosage II:  Choices”.    This is first video for music from Green Tea’s latest cd, “Dosage III: The Time to B.E.
The song features D.C.’s hip hop trio Gods’Illa, who appear in the video.  We are all familiar with the mantra, “No pain, No Gain.”  Here’s a new one for you, “No Fame, No Blame”.  We were created with a gift, but it takes will to take actions so the gifts can reach their fullest potential for your life.  Are you willing to put in work, so your dreams can manifest?  Green Tea’s video is meant to inspire you to shed fear, eliminate procrastination and become your dream now.”  Visit Green Tea’s website at  and follow Green Tea and Gods’Illa on Twitter!


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