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Unpack with Marcell Russell!


Marcell Russell, Founder & lead singer of Marcell and The Truth is back!!!  After a hiatus, a newly married Marcell Russell is backing with new messages of love, more truth!  His new song “Baggage” is hot and the video even if played on mute speaks volumes.  Anyone who has loved and lost, knows that there are sometimes wounds acquired in love.    Many people pack the wounds away and carry them around for a while, some unfortunate souls carry them for life.  A wonderful quote shared in the video is “Everyone comes with baggage. Find someone who loves you enough to help you unpack”.  Stay tuned for the upcoming summer release of “The Serenade and The Sermon”!

Get you free download of “Baggage” at and follow Marcell on twitter.


2 thoughts on “Unpack with Marcell Russell!

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